Mr J

Mr J is a self-confessed movie geek who’s world is full of comics and move paraphernalia.

His work reflects time spent studying rock stars and Hollywood icons and the accompanying legends that are bound to them.

In an age where the line between icon and character are blurred, the image of the icon offers a beautiful front to what lies beneath the mask of the fame itself. His focus is on a bold stylised expression, reflecting his chosen subjects energy and quirks.

 He loves the concept of a moment or image immortalised forever. The finished piece exhibits both a texture and depth that invokes a tactile response.

Signed to Wishbone Publishing Ltd and being exhibited across their entire collective of affiliated gallery partners both here in the UK and abroad, Mr J has been showcasing his works & completing numerous commissioned artworks through various galleries since early 2016, with great success and a growing following of collectors all across the country.

More recently, Mr J has been involved in illustrating a children’s picture book with award winning WGA author, Nathan Brooks and exploring with acrylics and various graffiti styles and mediums, he has produced a bespoke portfolio of works based on this partnership.

Summer Collection