Kealey Farmer Abstracts

Although this is a new side to Kealey’s work it’s actually a return to how it all began almost 20 years ago.  Beginning her career with large scale abstracts, based on colour and energy is something she felt compelled to come back to……….And finally she has.

These stunning new abstract pieces have been almost 3 years in the making, using unique layering techniques learned along the way and utilising different materials, the art has clearly evolved from her earlier work but the underlying essence remains the same.

These modern, large scale canvasses are about energy, and this new work is packed with it – everything Kealey produces has a feeling behind it and her aim is to bring that out with the use of colour, texture and an almost rigid architectural structure – always challenging to bring the wild and the calm together in one piece, but these are a great example of how it works.

Designed for the contemporary art lover, these are sure to make an impact in any setting.