Katy Jade Dobson

Katy Jade Dobson is a UK based oil painter, most notable for creating ethereal and otherworldly artwork created by traditional methods.

Most known for her use of colour with a bounty of subjects from the natural world, Katy’s paintings are a form of worship to botanics and wildlife that have been an obsession throughout her life. Each piece spills out from abstract foundations, showing another side and view of a world we know so deeply, with esoteric overtones and ethereal visions.

Katy is a self-taught artist from Yorkshire, known around the UK and internationally, with sell out collections and collectors around the world. What draws people to her sought-after original oil paintings are the surrealist scenes of animals and abundant florals blending between areas of calm and intermittent chaos. Using traditional application for her work, Katy toes the line between being a contemporary artist using old world techniques.