At the core of Dotty’s artistic skills lies the captivating technique of resin pouring. However, Dotty’s magic doesn’t stop there – she takes her creations a step further, incorporating a clever glow-in-the-dark element, that adds an unexpected but playful twist to her pieces. These artworks evolve from day to night, revealing hidden dimensions that playfully blur the line between light and dark.

On a daily basis, Dotty engages in a fearless approach to materials & artistic experimentation at her busy studios. She explores different mediums, effortlessly combining them in her resin casting – resulting in a contemporary kaleidoscope of textures, colours, and shapes that harmoniously co-exist.

As you navigate the world of Dotty, you will immerse yourself in a realm of excitement and possibility. Her creations are perfect for cool interiors wanting a magic touch that adds colour and character to transform any space.

So, join Dotty on her artistic journey, where pop art, resin casting, and creativity combine to produce something truly extraordinary.