About us

About Wishbone Publishing Ltd

A leading art publishing house

Wishbone Publishing is one of the leading art publishing houses in the UK, with a comprehensive stable of award winning and best-selling artists. Established in 2013, our ethos are to continually strive to work closely with our affiliates to be a publishing house that is gallery focused and client conscious.

Representing a small and select group of the most contemporary and modern UK based artists, we have been able to exploit a gap in the market that has seen us launch the careers of some of the most known artists within the country and attract the signings some of the biggest names domestically.

Creating Valued Partnerships

Brand aware, we have enjoyed partnerships and collaborations with the likes of Bang & Olufsen, Bentley, MTV, Rolls Royce, GQ. Vogue and the BBC whilst using our own platform to promote the charities closest to us and our artists. These include the Born Free Foundation, Alzheimer’s Research UK, Breast Cancer Care, OCD Action, DIY SOS and the Amelia Mae Foundation.

Bang & Olufsen
Rolls Royce


The Fine Art Trade Guild was formed in 1910 as the successor to the 1847 Printsellers’ Association, set up to oversee the fine art print trade. The Guild continues to set standards for prints. In addition, it sets standards and guidelines for picture framing. The Fine Art Trade guild also publishes the most widely distributed trade magazine to galleries, framers and artists on a quarterly basis. They also host the most recognised annual awards ceremony within our industry and hold training courses and trade events for fine art framing all over the country.  



Wishbone Studio is now proudly the only Certified Studio in Essex supported by Hahnemühle. We are now part of an elite group of 20 in Great Britain to achieve this acknowledgement. 




  •  To promote the consideration and discussion of all questions affecting the trade in fine art pictures, picture framing, picture restoration and artists' materials and, to develop and pursue policies which will promote and protect the interests of the trade.


  •  To promote excellence and just and honourable practice in the conduct of business and to promote and enforce a code of ethics, with appropriate levels of arbitration to settle disputes.


  •  To originate and promote improvements in laws and statutory administration affecting the industry.


  •  To improve the technical and general knowledge of those engaged or about to engage in the industry, assisting with or promoting training and relevant qualifications.


  •  To promote the commercial interests of its members.


  •  To educate and inform the trade, wider business and consumers on all matters affecting the industry.


  •  To establish or co-operate with others to establish associations with similar objects to those of the Fine Art Trade Guild and to work in close association with them.


  •  To provide facilities for social contact between members of the Guild and its associates, and their friends.

Redefining Standards

The quality of our printing, mounting, framing and packaging has redefined the industry standard as we constantly seek innovative solutions to modernising the production options for our galleries whilst respecting the quality and calibre of historic art framing processes befitting of our affiliates and collectors.

A modern day supplier

We are confident that we are the publisher to be most aware to the modern day needs of art galleries which is evidenced in our proudly in partnership with more independent galleries than any UK publisher. Working individually with affiliates to create (free) promotional and marketing plans to ensure all artwork is represented to the highest quality level we are constantly evolving our means of working to benefit those we work with.

Printing Facilities

Printing Facilities

Here at Wishbone Publishing we carry out all professional printing and framing completely in house. We have full photography facilities at our disposal to photograph original artwork.

Using various light sources we can create the best possible digital print files to reproduce artworks on either museum quality paper or gallery canvas. We offer this service to other self-publishing artists and agents alike and already create both open and limited editions for over 40 artists all over the UK.

Framing Professionals

Framing Professionals

Our framing staff have over 100 years professional gallery framing experience between them and are worth their weight in gold. We have over 50 moulding variants in stock and over 150 pH Neutral Acid-Free mount board colours and non-reflective, standard float & UV Protective glass available.

For any questions regarding our services please feel free to get in touch via our contact page.



We are proud to use only the finest Hahnemuhle Archival Paper for all our Fine Art Limited Edition prints.

The Hahnemuhle Paper Mill has been manufacturing paper since 1584 and is synonymous with quality. Artists set the highest standards for the property and pureness of papers and boards – the basis of their work. Hahnemühle has been fulfilling these requirements with its products for over 420 years. Through its enormous sensitivity for artistic demands and creative needs, over the centuries Hahnemühle has developed a comprehensive range of papers for professional artists and for generations Hahnemühle paper has retained its uniqueness.

The benefits of working with Wishbone

We’re Different

We never sell directly to the public and neither do our artists.


All public enquiries received by us or via our artists' own websites are directed to the client’s nearest stockist gallery or outlet with full information provided to ensure enquiries seamlessly turn into sales.


All deliveries directly to your gallery/outlet are free of charge. This includes limited edition artwork and originals.


We offer a national and international drop ship service provided by artwork handling and delivery professionals for a standard fee.

Certified Studio

All limited-edition artwork is supplied on only the finest award winning Hahnemuhle paper by our dedicated Studio that has earned ‘lab status’ as one of only 20 UK based printers to be verified this way.

Bespoke Marketing

Wishbone supplies all galleries that stock our artists with free full marketing packs. These are often bespoke to your gallery and designed and modified by our in house Head of Design.


Printing Services

Wishbone Publishing welcome all mediums from all artists and are happy to consult and recommend the best artist solution for you.

Your art can be printed onto multiple types of high quality paper and canvases at different sizes ranging from A3 to B0. Once your prints have been completed, you then have the option to pay an additional sum for your art to be mounted or framed for that extra quality. If mounting and framing isn't for you, we also offer striking canvas prints.

To support your body of work, Wishbone can custom design (or use supplied digital files) to print a set amount of A5 catalogue brochures.

Alongside brochures, we also supply wall and window stickers and all additional marketing material.

Digital File Creation

If you only need original work photographed and saved as a high quality digital file for further printing, website promotion or online portfolio, we will save your file either onto a USB or CD.

Original pieces will be photographed in our professional photography studio, and then the digital files will be sent over to Wishbone Studio. Where we have a selection of the finest printers in the industry.