HARUby Kealey Farmer

This new selection of works titled the “Haru” Collection (The traditional Japanese translation for “Spring”)  includes titles & themes that will resonate with Kealey’s dedicated followers and collector base, that have also proven successful more recently with a newer clientele. Availability includes the original artworks themselves & Kealey’s stunning, hand-embellished exclusive limited-editions. We are also very pleased to include a small & exclusive pair of the artist’s highly coveted original “Boutique” artworks & Beautifully crafted, “Hand Drawn Sketches”.


Life Force
Watching Over You
The Awakening
Unlocked I
Unlocked II
Resilience (Sketch)
Spring Unlocked (Sketch)



A new stunning original wall hanging installation artwork in the form of a genuine Porsche 911 racing bonnet, paying homage to a very special race winning car from the 1970’s.

Before Paul began his own bespoke artwork on this “Famous No. 8” 911 Bonnet, the panel has been professionally re-sprayed and lacquered in it’s bespoke Porsche factory metallic colour.

The Porsche 911 RSR is possibly one of the most popular vehicles in sports car racing, with the car being a solid choice by both amateur and professional racing teams for over 50 years. The original 911 started racing in the mid-60’s in Trans Am, battling against the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro for several years and winning the championship for 3 straight years (1967-1969), before Porsche built the Carrera RSR to truly take the fight to established marques in 1973.

It’s first major campaign was in the 1973 season of the World Sportscar Championship where it won the Cup for GT Cars and got Porsche to 3rd in the World Championship for Makes. One of the most famous 911 RSR’s is the Martini Porsche that won the 1973 Targa Florio race and competed in the WSC including the 24 Hours of Le Mans, known as the “Famous No. 8”

The car saw major success in Group 4 GT Racing with a 2.7 300HP Flat 6 that was essentially a race tuned version of the engine used in the Carrera 2.7 RS. In 1974 the car saw a huge evolution with the car utilizing a 3.0 Flat 6 that saw massively improved aerodynamics (including a GT wing) and brakes from the Group 5 917.


The new mini-series of releases from one of our incredibly talented, hand-picked & newest artists – in the form of the new “Legendary Collection”

Since the conception of his recognisable “Double Hexposure” designs, Wolf Blazar  has already received a number of accolades for his unique style and modern techniques that has inspired the confidence to create his latest stunning 3D series that we feel offers something really different to anything else the market has to offer right now.

I Choose Rich Every Time
Crossfire Hurricane
In Vogue
Love, Amy


SPRING COLLECTION 2024 – by Michelle Mackie

The stunning new Mini-Spring ’24 Collection. A worthy addition to the highly unique and exclusive portfolio by our very own Michelle Mackie. As one of our favourite & best selling artists here at Wishbone, Michelle’s works transcend a variety of themes and studies with stunning detail and use of colour and with a wonderful ability to tell a story.

Forever A Princess

“Sometimes its the smallest things that make the biggest difference”

There’s No Place Like Home

“Always taking a little piece of home with me where ever I go”

We’re All Mad Here…

“You are entirely bonkers, But I’ll tell you a secret, All the best people are”


This stunning new Amy Winehouse portrait is a one-off original piece, including the clever and subtle use of LED installation and backlighting, combined with stunning frame embellishments. ‘Back to Black’ includes a variety of materials and mediums including a genuine gold disk of the singers most famous album (12″ vinyl). This wonderfully tasteful artwork is a credible homage to the British Icon that was taken from us far too young.

With the new Biopic movie (of the same title) being released nationally in the UK on the 12th April, we can’t think of a better time to celebrate one of the most talented singers in British music history.



This month included updates to Dotty’s portfolio with the new and colourful “Ice Ice Baby” & Love Is The Drug” framed Resin artworks. Dotty incorporates a clever glow-in-the-dark element, that adds an unexpected but playful twist to her pieces. These artworks evolve from day to night, revealing hidden dimensions that playfully blur the line between light and dark.