Dotty – Choose Your Flavour (Released 29th September)

Ice Ice Baby (Pink)


Ice Ice Baby (Blue)


Ice Ice Baby (Red)


Ice Ice Baby (Green)


Ice Ice Baby (Yellow)


Ice Ice Baby (White)


Ice Ice Baby (Orange)


GHOST (Released 1st September)

A Troubled Mind Of An Artist


Just Stop Soup
A fine art painting based on 'Girl With a Pearl Earring', in a gold ornate frame with graffiti
Rogue (Mini Edition)


Chess (Released 8th September)

Some Fucking Fairytale


Game Over


I Only Read Between The Lines




Get Lost


Tired Of This Shit


Everyone’s A Winner


Greed Is Good


I Can, But I Won’t


It’s A Matter Of Taste


Aren’t We All


Every Monday Morning


Your Move


Sometimes Meant Affectionately


Everybody Knows One


One Giant Leap For Doll Kind


The Greatest Love Story Ever Told




Meant To Be Or Not Meant To Be


The Great Tempest Off Kanagawa


Where The Wild Things Were


The Man In The Iron Mask


Paul Oz 

Max Verstappen 22′


Screaming Alonso


Only The Best Is Good Enough


Lego Lauda


Monica Vincent (Released 13th September)

Take Me To The Breech


The King Of Mortality


The Queen Of Mortality


One Small Brick for Man


Silly Old Bear


Julie Connor (Released 15th September)


Summer Night City


Under The London Stars


Framed New York cityscape in neon colours
The Empire State


Parisienne Sunset