KEALEY FARMER – Symphony Artworks (Released 5th March)

Symphony I

Symphony II


KEITH McBRIDE – Spring Collection 2021 (Released 8th March)

London Walk


CHESS – Blue Skies (Released 2nd February)





Sweet Song

Larks & Landed Gentry


Emma Gibbons – Spring Collection 2021 (Released 12th March)

Neon Love (Blue)

Neon Love (Pink)

Neon Love (Purple)

Neon Hustle (Purple)

Neon Hustle (Pink)

Neon Hustle (Blue)

Bad Barbie

Bad Bunny

High Score

Love Struck

Pound High

Pick Your Poison

Space Invaders

Neon Heart (Pink)

Dollar High


Paul Oz – Spring Collection 2021 (Released 12th March)

Magnificent 7


Kealey Farmer – Boutique Originals 2021 (Released 18th March)

Grey Tree Grey Heart 555

Grey Tree Pink Heart 556

Grey Tree Grey Heart 557

Grey Tree Pink Heart 558

Grey Tree Pink Heart 559

Pink Heart 560

Grey Heart 561

Grey Heart 562

Pink Heart 563

Pink Heart 564


Mr. Controversial – 2021 (Released 19th March)

My Face Definitely Will

I Tried

I Love It

If There’s One Thing

Constant Attention


I’d Still Stare At You II

Night Alone

You’re The Feeling III (Book)

No Amount Of Concealer (Book)

Just Because I Blocked You (Book)

You’re The Feeling II (Book)

You’re So Full Of Shit III (Book)

My Post Was About You (Book)

Oi, Aren’t You That Girl From Instagram? (Book)

You Can Sin Or Spend The Night Alone II (Book)

I’ll Never Cry Over You (Book)

Lose Your Shit II (Book)


JJ Adams – Spring Collection 2021 (Released 26th March)

A Liz In Wonderland

A Liz In Wonderland (Deluxe)

Punk Flamingo


Doc’s Auto Parts

Clever Girl

Everything Is Possible


King Of The Urban Jungle (Blue)

King Of The Urban Jungle (Yellow)

King Of The Urban Jungle (Pink)

Pussay Patrol

The Temptation Of God By Dave (From Brighton)


David O’Brien – 2021 (Released 29th March)

The Jam

The Velvet Underground

The Rolling Stones – Hot Lips (Red)


PAUL OZ – 2021 (Released 31st March)

How Do You Eat Yours?