Kealey Farmer – Boutique Originals (Released 4th June)

Cream Tree 501

Cream Tree 503

Cream Tree 504

Grey Tree Grey Heart 576

Grey Tree Red Heart 506

Red Heart 508

Red Heart 509

Red Heart 510

Red Tree Red Heart 502

Red Tree Red Heart 505


Katy Jade Dobson – 2019 (Released 13th May)



Paul Oz – 2019 (Released 15th May)

Rampante Cavallo Canvas Red

Rampante Cavallo Canvas Yellow

Rampante Cavallo Canvas Black


Paul Oz – 80’s Kid II (Released 22nd May)

‘I Love It When A Plan Comes Together’

‘Let The Wookie Win’

‘Ride The Wave’

The Queen Of Hearts



Transport & Roll Out

First Blood

The Sooty Show

Move Along…

80’s Kid II


Kealey Farmer – Boutique Originals (Released 29th May)

Colour Tree Grey Heart 522

Colour Tree Red Heart 521

Grey Heart 529

Grey Tree Grey Heart 525

Red Heart 527

Red Heart 528

Red Heart 530

Red Heart 531

Red Heart 532

Red Heart 533

Red Tree Red Heart 523

Red Tree Red Heart 526


Kealey Farmer – Summer 2019 Collection (Released 29th May)

Be Different

Stand Out

Love Cats

Cat Woman

Love Will Lead The Way

Here For You Always (Charity Artwork)

Here For You Always – Original Sketch (Charity Artwork)

By Your Side – Original Sketch

Cat Woman – Original Sketch

Rainbow Baby – Original Sketch

The Right Path – Original Sketch