Kealey Farmer (Released November 3rd)

Winter Collection 2018


Forever Loved


Our Remembrance Tree 2018

Four Seasons – Original Jigsaw

Our Remembrance Tree – Original Sketch

Remembered Always – Original Sketch


Richard Blunt (Released 13th November)

If These Walls Could Talk

Relax We’re Both Crazy

In One Kiss

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

To Be Honest, I’m Just Winging It

I Meant To Behave

To Be Honest, I’m Just Winging It – Original Sketch

In One Kiss – Original Sketch

Relax, We’re Both Crazy – Original Sketch

Roses Are Red – Original Sketch

I Meant To Behave – Original Sketch


Paul Oz (Released 17th November)

Lewis Title 18


Katy Jade Dobson (Released 26th November)

Botanical Collection

Spring Blooms

Dark Flora

Velvet Lily

Sweet Floret


Mark Curryer (Released 29th November)

To Be Continued…

5 O’clock Hero

Restaurants, Red Wine & Romance

November, Commuting Home

It Never Sleeps