Mark Davies and Alzheimer’s Research UK Collaboration

Mark Davies and Alzheimer’s Research UK Collaboration

Wishbone are delighted to announce the charitable collaboration between our mixed media artist Mark Davies and Alzheimer’s Research UK for Trespass Snowcase.


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Trespass asked 13 artists from around the UK to design unique ski helmets to be auctioned off for a selection of charities for our Trespass Snowcase charity art project. With helmets created by internationally renowned graffiti artists, contemporary artists, tattoo artists and illustrators Snowcase hopes to raise much needed funds for a variety of great causes.

Please bid on one of our helmets and help make the Snowcase project a success!


When we approached Mark Davies to join our “Snowcase” campaign, both parties were excited and eager to get started. Designing a helmet for Alzheimer’s UK, this is a cause very close to Davies who used his expertise in digital imagery to create a very poignant piece of art.

Davies uses natural imagery in most of his works, and this helmet design is no exception. Using his skills and knowledge, his design is made up of beautifully coloured dried leaves that are meant to represent the brain. Darker patches of colour show were Alzheimer’s can affect the brain, creating a realistic and thought provoking piece that symbolises a much deeper meaning. Beautifully constructed with details that are meant to spark thought and realisation, Mark’s helmet is a true tribute to his work and the cause.

Marks use of light, texture and symbolism is just one of the many reasons why we asked him to join our campaign. As you will see from his helmet, Davies excellently demonstrates that art in itself is an influential tool that can be used to bring a wide range of issues, concepts and subjects to life. – Trespass Snowcase.

(Credit: Trespass Snowcase via eBay).