A new story by Mark Davies

‘Once Upon A Time’ is a collection of works by the British Artist Mark Davies, that are inspired by the classic stories from our childhood.

Confronting the powerful and often disturbing undertones set out by the original authors such as the ‘Brothers Grimm’ and Hans Christian Andersen, these are embraced through a surreal visual representation like no other. Pieces are fused with topical messaging and intense detail, combining grit and darkness with beauty and light that creates an intriguing and thought provoking digital statement.

Adopting the role of narrator but in a visual sense, each piece tells the story, setting the scene that leaves clues whilst never revealing the lead character. By not dictating every aspect it mimics the greatest appeal of when were told the story as a child. It feeds our imagination, it gives it the energy to run away with us, taking it to where we want it to go and therefore making it our own.

“As a father I love seeing my daughters’ eyes light up when being read a story and you can see that she is heading off into that place where her imagination takes her. I strive to achieve the same impact on those who study my work, I have my own idea of where each piece goes and look forward to hearing where they lead you to.”

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