We are very proud to release the duo that is Part 5 and 6 of the Mind Expansion set! Here are a few questions we have asked Mr Go….


1- You have had a very successful few years and your works are now gracing more gallery walls in the UK and abroad from your early days working with online galleries. With this shift in audience, what changes have occurred in your work, if any?

My art has been available internationally for a while as I was selling art was through online stores initially, this was an immediate international audience for me and feedback there was great. But more recently the shift in audience has been due to the presence I’ve now gained within UK galleries and shows. I’ve found a growing audience much closer to home this last year and that’s been brilliant. In terms of changes occurring in my art, it is always a slow process of evolution, personal development and experimentation but with the recent increase in output to suit demand, I’m producing more art than ever and this increases the pace and depth of that development. Some of these developments have been in working with new media such as gold leafing and stitch work you can see on my prints like ‘BANG’ and many originals.

2 – How would you describe your process from idea to completion?

A well-trodden path of overwhelming inspiration, frantic idea development and sketching, closely followed by seeds of doubt, crippling confusion leading to near self-combustion in a pit of fear and self-doubt. This is followed by a tiny glimmer of salvation, slow restoration of a sane mind into eventual level headedness, just in time to brush myself down and finish the work. Rinse and repeat. Pretty straightforward stuff.

3 – You would best be described as mixed media. When did you move towards working digitally?

I used to really shy away from ‘computer stuff’! Haha. My brother was, and still is an incredibly clever individual who has a computer for a brain. While he was programming Atari’s at 6 years old, I was eating crayons. Computers were his ‘thing’ and as with any kid you naturally want to find your own identity in your own stuff. Drawing cars and planes was all me. I owned that shit. I was drawing cars for breakfast, in my dreams, and in maths class. I was drawing cars while actually in cars! Good times. So, this personal revolt against computers was going pretty well. Then I went to Uni, studied design and discovered creating digitally. Although a very hands on course with model making, sculpture etc, learning to sketch and render digitally was the only way to present ideation as it was quicker and offers more freedom. The revolution was over. The computers had won.

4 – When did you first realise you were becoming an artist? Was it a conscious decision or did you find it naturally occurring?

I first realised when I started to see an income from sales. But it was a conscious decision to make that happen.

5 – Your collections are impossible to predict so each release has a true reveal, with an imminent full collection following your forthcoming mini release, what excites you most about these coming releases?

Yeah with my work I try to experiment, meaning I currently I have a broad visual aesthetic which allows me to keep my output varied and eclectic I guess you could say! It’s the themes and ideas that remain constant, rather than the appearance. This keeps me entertained. So as with any collection I’m keen to see how it’s received for sure, seeing what people make of this is one of the good bits. This coming collection is my second since joining Wishbone so I’m looking forward to seeing my position in galleries strengthen further and continue growing the audience. I’m also looking forward to seeing how these new Mind Expansions go down. I’ve worked at developing the editions aesthetic again while remaining true to the original concept that inspired the series. I’m really proud of them so its great to see them framed, glazed and on the gallery wall. It’s been a while since the last edition and the previous have been pretty popular so they’ve a lot to live up to!

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