Long time supporter of Chippenham based, Kandu Arts, Melanie Chisholm visited the Kandu Arts music studio on Saturday to record the lead vocals on Kandu’s latest single “Cosmic Shower (Lost Humanity)”.

The single is being released as part of a funds /awareness raising initiative to support Kandu’s work with refugees. Kandu will be working alongside organisations that support refugees in order to offer an artistic, cultural outlet to participants to help communicate their needs and as a purely cathartic exercise.

As well as working alongside British communities, schools and individuals to help create a more   empathic environment and welcome for those whose misfortune has forced them to travel far from their homes and those they love.

Kandu director Ed Deedigan said ” The issues and challenges with regards to the refugee crisis, have been around for years. We have built a relationship with Nan Bains at the Harbour project in Swindon over the last couple of years, they have participated in the Kandu Kicks annual Football tournament at Stanley Park in Chippenham and we have wanted to offer more of our support through arts and culture. Nan and her colleagues do a fantastic job, and we believe everyone should do what they can to support them and their clientele. The refugee situation will be here for many a year to come, there is no “quick fix” and anything we can do as a community development organisation to contribute, we will. Having the fantastic support of Melanie C, makes a hard job a little easier. Melanie has lent her support to Kandu in many ways over the last 18 years. She is a caring and hands-on patron and we are eternally grateful”.

This will be the third record she has recorded for Kandu the first being “If that were me” taken from her number one album “Northern Star” that record helped Kandu carry out a highly successful national homeless project “No Place Home”, which brought Kandu’s work to the attention of the department of culture, media and sport and led to director Ed Deedigan being invited on to a national board of practitioners that advised ministers on the benefits of the arts and leisure in positively creating community cohesion.

“It is fair to say and no exaggeration that without the support of Melanie C, many less fortunate people would not have had opportunities to change their lives for the better.” As well as Melanie, Kandu have art work contributed both for the cover of the single and an arts auction being held in London later this year to further support the project.

Ed Deedigan went on to say “I am overwhelmed by the support we are receiving from fellow artists. We have an amazing array of pieces ranging from the painting by Chippenham based artist Harriet Whyatt. Not only has Harriet donated a beautiful thought provoking piece “Lost humanity” for the cover of the single but her agent Glenn Hardman from Wishbone arts is generously framing the artwork, making limited addition prints and sourcing the gallery in London to hold the auction. “It is truly amazing how generous and supportive people can be, in a crisis, it renews your faith in humanity” said Ed Deedigan. Other contributions have come from former Hardenhuish pupil and now London based sculptor Sophie Dury (formerly Tilson) etchings from Tom Moore and several well established artists. Kandu will be running an arts and culture workshop in May at The harbour project and the single will be released at the auction hopefully in time for the National Refugee Week in June. Any one wishing to get involved, contribute or bid for the pieces can contact :-

Kandu Administrator Melanie Thomas at admin@kandu-arts.com. 01249 444009.


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