Denise Finney is one of the finest and most exciting equine artists in the Horse Racing industry today.


Denise’s passion for capturing the essence and spirit of each individual painting is what makes her work unique. Her undeniable talent in photo-realistic painting is evident in every piece, often mistaken as an actual photograph.

Wishbone Publishing are so very excited by the opportunity to work with such an exceptional talent!

New Signing - Denise Finney - Equine Artist

Orchid” by Denise Finney (Exclusive print edition of just 25 signed paper editions and only 3 separately numbered and certified high end larger canvas double framed editions


Hand using watercolour pencils, each artwork takes around 3 -4 months to complete – a huge amount of detail, precision and effort is put into Denise’s original artwork.


“Orchid” is a stunning example of Denise’s talents and a great indicator of what will be to follow in the very near future.


With originals already sold, Denise has released exclusive 25 Limited Edition Prints. Each hand-signed and fully certified, and 3 high end larger canvas double framed editions that are currently available.




Denise Finney

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Wishbone Publishing

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