New Releases of Courty’s Neon Art Collection

Courty feels honoured to be an artisan of the craft of neon glassblowing and endeavours to keep the art of making it alive, with pencil in hand and from sketch to flame, with fragile glass and noble gases he strives to keep on creating his electric artworks of light. Courty loves to collaborate with other artists and organisations too on neon art projects and agrees fabulous results come from such pairings, however, in the vein of a painter being proud of his painting and a sculptor being proud of her sculpture, Courty is extremely proud of the fact that along with only a few other artists in the UK, can truly claim to be the creator of his particular medium ‘neon art’ and strongly believes there is real worth in originator authentic works.
































Neon New Releases

New Releases





To see the full neon collection new release please click here







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