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(RELEASE) Spring Collection 2015 | JJ Adams

Spring Collection 2015 IT’S FINALLY HERE! JJ ADAMS NEW COLLECTION HAS ARRIVED! JJ’s new spring collection release contains 14 different pieces all of which relate to the 80’s era! Make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible release as they will sell out extremely quickly. To make sure you get hold of your pieces […]

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(RELEASE) Phosphenes | Katy Jade Dobson | Spring Collection 2015

Phosphenes Collection 2015 Make sure you check out Katy Jade Dobson’s new releases for spring 2015! With 16 new originals and seven new limited edition pieces, we are pleased to announce the release of her new collection ‘Phosphenes’. The word phosphene means a sensation of light caused by pressure on the eyelid of a closed […]

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¬†Insurance For Your Art… We would like to introduce to you our chosen insurance company Assetsure. Assetsure are able to give you advice on what type of insurance you may need for your art whether it’s just one piece or a collection. Their insurance covers all risks including accidental damage and theft as well as […]

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