Artist Videos!

Check out these incredible artist videos. These videos give us an insight to how our incredible artists think and what inspire them to create such fantastic pieces of art.

 Tom Lewis

 Mark Davies

Harriet Whyatt

 Harry Bunce

Marie Wrightson


 JJ Adams

JJ is fast becoming one of the UK’s most talked about artists. Adams uses a range of new and mixed media in his work which varies from spray paint and hand painting acrylics to screen printing, collage and digital matte painting. If you want to see JJ’s work please visit his page!


With almost three decades spent illuminating his beloved city of London and to have worked on international film sets and backdrops for TV and theatre it is likely that your eyes may have met and unknowingly been enlightened with Courty’s work before. To see Courty’s incredible neon works please click here!

Katy Jade Dobson

Katy’s admiration for elegance and richness of pallet moves her to create original oil paintings with a plethora of colour and a blend of drama, harmony, presence and dissolve. Interested in Katy’s work? Take a look at her page!

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