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Dive into the world of our artists, explore the techniques and methods that make each and everyone of our artist’s unique.

Kealey Farmer

Touching upon romance, love, relationships and family and possessing an ability to hand produce confident, absorbing, captivating artwork that is almost brash in its delectability.


Entirely consumed by the capital’s encompassing and enrapturing urban and street art scene as a child in the 1990’s, and as an active witness of the golden era of British street art – Zombiedan is one of the most intoxicating and captivating new names in British art.

 Mark Davies

Mark’s work reflects his thoughts and emotions, those influenced by life experience and those that form his character. For his art, there is no brief, there are no restrictions or brand guidelines.

Marie Wrightson

Marie is inspired by precious childhood memories of visits to the seaside as a young girl in Hunstanton and later visits to Weymouth and Whitby, where she would be spellbound by an array of enticing & mesmerizing colourful sweets in shop windows, dazzling sights and sounds to be savoured at amusements & merry-go round rides.

JJ Adams

JJ is fast becoming one of the UK’s most talked about artists. Adams uses a range of new and mixed media in his work which varies from spray paint and hand painting acrylics to screen printing, collage and digital matte painting.


With almost three decades spent illuminating his beloved city of London and to have worked on international film sets and backdrops for TV and theatre it is likely that your eyes may have met and unknowingly been enlightened with Courty’s work before.

Katy Jade Dobson 2015

Katy’s admiration for elegance and richness of pallet moves her to create original oil paintings with a plethora of colour and a blend of drama, harmony, presence and dissolve.

Katy Jade Dobson 2016